PGR Events

Regular PGR Network Coffee meetings are held: Look out for the next event!
Coffee meetings are hosted on Microsoft Teams every few weeks, with 2 timeslots provided for every date: 8am (BST) and 4pm (BST). To join one (or both!) slots you will need to join the Microsoft Teams group for UKALTA PGR. For further details about how to get involved in the PGR Network go to the PGR Network page.
Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) Network events in 2021:
6th October 2021: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Language Testing and Assessment Research, 9.30-11.30am (BST)

The first formal event organised by the PGR Network, on 6th October 2021 postgraduate (PG) and early-career researcher (ECR) UKALTA members came together online to discuss methodological and practical considerations related to the field of language testing and assessment. The event was opened with papers by two invited speakers, followed by presentations by UKALTA PGs and ECRs.

Plenary speakers Dr Vahid Aryadoust and Dr Chihiro Inoue spoke about quantitative and qualitative methods for language testing respectively. Please click for access to a recording of the talks on YouTube: 

Previous events:

The inaugural gathering of the new UKALTA PGR Network took place in May 2021. This gave rise to regular ‘coffee meetings’ – informal gatherings for UKALTA PGRs and ECRs to meet peers and discuss their research.