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Language Testing Forum 2023

LTF 2023 shone a spotlight on the growing recognition of the importance of understanding multilingual contexts. The main theme of the conference was multilingualism and the impact on language assessment theory, practice and policy, with the following sub-themes:

The conference opened on the evening of Friday 24 November with the Cyril J. Weir lecture, with keynote speaker Professor Monika Schmid, from the University of York.

Monika S. Schmid is Head of Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York, UK. She obtained her PhD in English Linguistics in 2000 from the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf. The topic of her thesis was First Language Attrition, Use and Maintenance: the case of German Jews in Anglophone Countries. She has since held positions at VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands), the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and the University of Essex (UK).

Her work has focused on various aspects of first and second language attrition. She has published two monographs and edited several collected volumes and special issues of journals on this topic, most recently the Oxford Handbook of Language Attrition (2019), alongside over 50 research articles. She has received funding from a range of sources, including the German Research Council (DFG), the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and the UK Economics and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC) for her work.

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The LTF 2023 conference was hosted this year by the British Council’s Assessment Research Group (ARG). For the first time at LTF, BSL sign language interpretation was provided during the event.

LTF Programme Updated 19 Nov 2023

Advance notification of Language Testing Forum in 2024

In 2024 Language Testing Forum will be hosted by CRELLA (University of Bedfordshire) at the Bedford Campus. The proposed dates are 22-24 November, 2024.