UK Association for Language Testing and Assessment

Language Testing Forum 2022

The Language Testing Forum in 2022 was hosted by School of Education, University of Bristol on Friday – Sunday (25-27 November). The theme of the conference was Multimodal Constructs in Language Assessment in a Digital Age. At the conference we also had a chance to remember and pay tribute to Professor Liz Hamp-Lyons, who sadly passed away in March 2022, in a Writing Assessment Symposium.

Around 135 people from 16 countries attended the conference.

The opening plenary, the Cyril J. Weir lecture, was delivered by Professor Jennifer Rowsell (University of Sheffield), whose talk is titled: Unsettling Language Acquisition: Towards Multimodal Approaches to Language Development.

There were 20 papers presented in person at Bristol, 11 recorded online presentations, and 2 poster presentations.

Please download a copy of the LTF 2022 Conference Programme HERE

Theme: Multimodal Constructs in Language Assessment in a Digital Age

Multimodal integrated tasks are being used increasingly in language assessment, facilitated by technology in task design, delivery, and completion. Integrated multimodal language assessment tasks are traditionally defined and operationalised with reference to the requirement of different language skills in task completion. With the use of technology, we see an expansion of constructs of language assessment, with multimodal input (e.g., non-verbal materials such as cartoons, maps and graphs, and videos in listening and speaking tasks) and multimodal composing and presentation (e.g., by creating a video, drawing a picture, a map, or an outline to summarize what test-takers have read/listened).