UK Association for Language Testing and Assessment


Welcome to the website of the UK Association for Language Testing and Assessment (UKALTA).

UKALTA is a professional organisation that aims to provide a forum for the exchange of information and research on language testing and assessment in the UK. Founded as a professional association and learned society in 2016, UKALTA grew out of the Language Testing Forum, an annual gathering of UK-based language testing and assessment specialists which has met since 1980.

UKALTA is the face and heart of language testing in the UK: 

  • supporting the language testing and assessment research and practitioner community in the UK and to mentor new and emerging researchers and professionals in the field
  • facilitating greater awareness of professional issues in language assessment and to improve (language) assessment literacy for both specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • providing a highly visible source of professional expertise to which educational and corporate bodies, government and the media can look for input related to improving language assessment in the UK.

Membership is free of charge to individuals with a professional and/or academic interest in the field of language testing and assessment and who are working, studying or living in the UK (or have strong UK connections). Current membership stands at over 300, with a healthy balance of members from academia, education and industry, including a growing number of early career scholars and postgraduate research students.