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There are two nominees for UKALTA Secretary, a position that will be held for three years by the successful candidate. A brief biographical statement for each nominee is shown below, including short video introductions from each of the candidates.

Nominee statements and introductions

Nominee 1

 Judith Fairbairn

Judith Fairbairn leads on assessment development projects for the British Council’s Global Assessments team, which includes assessment design, item writing, test quality assurance and bespoke assessment solutions for clients. Areas of expertise include research into rating speaking and writing tests, rater training, rating scale development, and equality, diversity and inclusion in testing. Judith has an MA in Language Testing from Lancaster University and is studying a PhD at UCL, Institute of Education focusing on rater decision making processes when marking speaking tests. Judith was previously the secretary for BAALTEASIG.  

Nominee 2

Olena Rossi

Olena Rossi is a doctoral student and associate lecturer at Lancaster University. She has an MA in Language Testing, and her main research interests are in item-writing, training item writers, and assessment literacy for test stakeholders. Olena has served on the UKALTA membership and nominations committee in 2020. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, she worked as an EFL teacher and teacher trainer in Ukraine, Malaysia, and China.  She also has experience working as an examiner, item writer and item reviewer for several examination boards.