Membership and nominations committee members

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There are three nominees for the Membership and nominations committee, for which two new members are required. The successful candidates will hold the post for a period of one year, which shall run from 1 January to 31 December of the year after the members are elected. A brief biographical statement for each nominee is shown below, including short video introductions from each candidate.

Nominee statements and introductions

Nominee 1

Tony Clark

Tony Clark is a Senior Research Manager at Cambridge Assessment English, managing research on the IELTS test. Since joining Cambridge English in 2018, he has been responsible for the IELTS Joint-funded Research Programme and the Caroline Clapham Master’s Award, acted as Permanent Secretary/Chair of the IELTS Joint Research Committee, and led on a number of high profile cross-partner research projects. Prior to entering full-time research, he was a test preparation instructor for the British Council (Japan and Morocco) and worked as a teacher in Italy, Hungary, and the UK. His first degree was in Philosophy and English Literature (University of Edinburgh).

Nominee 2

Glyn Jones

An EFL teacher by background, Glyn worked extensively in the fields of Self Access Learning and Computer Assisted Language Learning before specialising in assessment. He has worked as a test development manager for two major awarding bodies in the UK. His most recent full-time appointment was as a senior researcher in Language Assessment for Pearson. He now works as a freelance consultant, while studying part-time for a PhD relating to the Common European Framework (CEFR) at Lancaster University.

Nominee 3

Daniel Lam

Daniel Lam is Lecturer in Language Learning and Assessment at CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire. His research interests include the nature of spoken interaction, assessing interactional competence, and learning-oriented assessment. He has published relevant research in Language Testing and Language Assessment Quarterly. Daniel presented at Language Testing Forum 2017, and assisted in organising Language Testing Forum 2018 hosted by CRELLA.