UK Association for Language Testing and Assessment

UKALTA-supported events

At the annual general meeting in November 2018, UKALTA members agreed to support the financing of activities in addition to the annual Language Testing Forum. This encompasses meetings and events which are aligned with UKALTA’s stated aims.

The scope and type of event is left open to applicants – possible activities include a special interest group workshop, a seminar targeting PhD students, and a stakeholder engagement event.

One upcoming event is ‘Aligning Language Education with the CEFR: a Colloquium’
hosted by University of Bedfordshire, Luton, Friday 29 September 2023, 10.00–17.00. The programme is available here: CEFR Alignment Colloquium 2023

Information about applying for the 2023 funding is available here: Funding ToR – January 2023.docx. For 2023 grant funding was awarded to the CEFR alignment colloquium to be held in September. 

To date, four UKALTA-supported events have taken place: