2021 committee nominations

This year the membership will vote on the following positions:

  1. Website & Communications Coordinator (for three calendar years: 2022-2025)
  2. Treasurer (for three calendar years: 2022-2025)
  3. Two members to serve on the Membership & Nominations Committee (for a single calendar year: 2022).

Click on the links below to see a brief biographical statement for each nominee, including short video introductions. 

A reminder of the responsibilities of these roles is given here:

Communications & Website Coordinator:

  1. The Communications & Website Coordinator shall perform the usual functions of a communications and website coordinator under the direction of the Executive Committee.
  2. Specific duties of the Communications & Website Coordinator include the following:
    a. To develop and maintain a website for UKALTA.
    b. To develop and maintain an electronic membership application system.
    c. To provide communication and website advice & support to the LTF Programme Committee.
    d. To send communications to the membership or other instances as required by the Executive Committee.


  1. The Treasurer shall perform the usual functions of treasurer and shall administer the financial affairs of UKALTA under the direction of the Executive Committee.
  2. Specific duties of the Treasurer include the following:
    a. To collect any dues, receive funds and maintain financial records of UKALTA.
    b. To prepare a draft annual budget for the Executive Committee’s approval.
    c. To pay bills incurred by UKALTA.
    d. To give a financial report at each meeting of the Executive Committee and at each Annual General Meeting.
    e. To undertake from time to time a strategic review of UKALTA income and expenditure, in order to ensure that the financial base of the Association remains secure.
    f. To provide financial advice and oversight to the LTF Programme Committee, to enable LTF to access UKALTA funds to support advance conference arrangements, and to assist the LTF Programme Chair in making financial accounting to UKALTA.
    g. To make a recommendation to the Executive Committee on any proposal to create a new category of UKALTA membership.

Membership and Nominations Committee members: 

  1. Members of the membership of the Committee shall be for a period of one year*, which shall run from 1 January to 31 December of the year after the members are elected. Members of the Membership & Nominations Committee may succeed themselves for no more than one consecutive term.
  2. The Membership & Nominations Committee shall be responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for each office, each position on the Executive Committee that is open for election, and for positions on the Membership & Nominations Committee.
  3. The Membership & Nominations Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and evaluating membership applications according to a pre-specified and published set of criteria.

*with the exception of the Chair who will serve a three-year term.